Care Tips & Tricks

Caring for Your New Cabinets-Very few things can affect the Perma Tek, one is Teak oil and another is graphite lead.
-When using graphite lead from a graphite pencil, please be careful not to mark the Perma Tek.
-Teak Oil may also stain the light colors of Perma Tek material.
-We recommend removing the Teak and Cypress doors and drawers from the Perma Tek cabinet before applying the Teak Oil.
-Teak and Cypress wood components (doors, drawer heads, etc.) do require an initial as well as periodic application of “Teak Oil” to protect them from the elements.
-Cypress and Teak doors are not oiled when shipped.
-Teak and Cypress wood contain natural oils, which prevent them from deteriorating in a wet environment.
-Absence of these natural oils will cause Teak and Cypress to turn gray.
-While some people like this gray patina, you can return the wood to its natural color by using a Teak cleaner.
-Teak oil can be purchased at your local hardware store.
-Failure to provide an application of Teak Oil prior to exposure to the elements, will void the warranty on the product.